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Impulse Buzzbaits

Bombshell Bass
JT's Tidal Bluefleck
Braxton's Olive Shad
Black and Blue
Blue Shad White Blue
Blue Shad Nickel Blue
Gizzard Shad
Blue Shad Nickel Plate
Blue Shad 24K Gold
Black Plague
White and Chartreuse Nickel Plate
White and Chartreuse 24K Gold
Bombshell Bass 24K Gold
Bluegill 24K Gold
Featuring our unique Impulse Arrowhead design, the Nichols Lures Impulse Buzzbaits are made to get up and running quickly! Metal Flake or Premium Plated Blades thrash the surface, and demand the attention of any nearby lunkers. Peg your favorite toad or trailer on with our Patented Toothpick Keeper Collar!