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Ben Parker Magnum Spoons

Silver Chrome
Shattered Glass Silver
Shattered Glass Gold
Bombshell Shad Smooth
Chartreuse Smooth
Gizzard Scale
Super Shad
Lavender Shad Smooth
Snow White Smooth
Sand Bass
Blueback HD
Team Oldschool Copper
Team Oldschool Smoke

The Original Ben Parker Magnum Spoon is a sure winner. Featuring a premium 3/0 Owner ST-36 Treble tied with Pearl Flashabou, American Made Zinc Worth Split Rings, and finished with a Size 2 Owner Power Swivel at the top, this spoon is ready to fish out of the package! 

Available in 3 sizes:

Mini Magnum - 6.5" 2.5oz

Magnum - 8" 3.5oz

Super Magnum - 9" 4.5oz