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Hoosier Series

Kicker Blue Shad
Kicker Citrus Shad
Kicker White and Chartreuse
Kicker Bluegill
Kicker Coleslaw
Kicker Snow
Gold Rush Blue Shad
Gold Rush Citrus Shad
Gold Rush White and Chartreuse
Gold Rush Bombshell Shad
Electrum Bombshell Bass
Electrum White and Chartreuse
Mother Lode Blue Shad
Mother Lode JTs Chartreuse Shad

The Nichols Hoosier Series Spinnerbait is outfitted with a premium Colorado/Indiana Blade Combination in a wide variety of colors! Available in 3/8 or 1/2oz, these baits are muddy water specials.


-Colors marked with "Kicker" have a Red Colorado in front

-Colors marked with "Gold Rush" feature 24K Gold Blades

-Colors marked with "Electrum" feature a Nickel Colorado and 24K Gold Ind.

-Colors marked with "Mother Lode" feature Nickel Blades

-Colors with none of the names above feature our patented Metal Flake Blades