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Pulsator Metal Flake Spinnerbait Colorado/Willow

02 Red Shad
03 Transparent Chartreuse
04 Bluegill
05 Bombshell Shad
06 Bombshell Bass
10 Suwannee River Special Green
12 JT's Best Color Ever
14 JT's Tidal Bluefleck
16 JT's Chartreuse Shad
19 Olive Shad
20 White and Chartreuse
21 Chartreuse
23 Red Pepper
24 Black and Blue
27 White and Chartreuse NO GLITTER
28 Chartreuse NO GLITTER
36 Crystal Nickel Green
40 Blue Shad White Blue
43 Snow
44 Coleslaw
47 Blue Shad Nickel Blue
53 Shad Spawn Nickel
60 Silver Flash
64 Chartreuse and White Nickel/Gold
71 Lavender Shad
72 Purple Shad
73 Gizzard
75 Perch
86 DB's Hematoma
87 DB's Sungill
88 DB's River Bream
91 White and Silver

Nichols Metal Flake Spinnerbaits feature patented, tapered hand-painted blades, creating a new era in spinnerbaits by maximizing vibration and sound like no other conventional blade. The 3-D Metal Flake Blades create a unique pulsating action and give off an unprecedented amount of flash. These top-shelf, hand-crafted Spinnerbaits entice strikes when nothing else will, and with over 30 colors to choose from, we have a bait for every situation!

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
david s
Great blade selection

I fish these on sunny days in clear water in hydrilla and pepper grass right through bluegill beds. The nickel blades are a little more subtle and they munch them.

Mark Bailey
Great spinnerbaits!!

Nichols spinnerbaits has become a regular part of my fishing arsenal, they're one of my confidence baits, I expect to get bit on every cast.

Teresa Hovermale

Painted blades are great on sunny days, especially for finicky fish.

Eli Morales

I'm just and ordinary customer who recently purchased a few items. When they got delivered, I was very impressed that they added a few extras as well. Sometimes it's the small things these companies do. And this one is a very good company in my own opinion. Very satisfied customer

Russell Mikel
Best Spinner Bait Ever Used

The vibration and flash that these spinner baits produce is second to none. Large
Predators tune in and track these baits and when they find them you better have a firm grip on your rod.